Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Super Glass been in business for?

Super Glass Company has been in business and is proud to be the only full-service glass shop in Kitsilano for nearly 20 years.

Does your company offer warranty? If so, how long are your products under warranty?

Super Glass offers a two year craftsmanship warranty on all work from the date of the installation. Sealed units have a manufacturers warranty of ten years from the date of installation.

At what point is my shower ready for final measurement?

Glazing is essentially the last step to your shower renovation. Your shower is ready for final measurement once all the tile and grout work is complete.

Does your company require deposit? How does this work?

Yes. Unless your company has an established account with Super Glass, we always require a 50% deposit of the net amount upon your approval of our quote. We will usually take your deposit over the phone (you can also pay in person if you prefer). We will then charge the remaining 50% once the job is complete.

After deposit is taken, what is the lead time to complete my job?

Depending on what Super Glass is installing for you, lead time for finished installations varies. For sealed units you can expect an ETA of anywhere between 3-5 business days once deposit is taken; for shower enclosures expect anywhere between 5-7 business days. For lead times regarding vinyl windows, retractable roll-screens or railing systems, please contact our office.

What are the two different types of safety glass?

The two different types of safety glass are tempered glass and laminated glass. Tempered glass is a safety glass that, when broken, will shatter completely to avoid sharp edges. This is achieved by putting the glass through a heat-treatment process. Laminated glass is essentially two pieces of glass sandwiched together with a thin layer of vinyl in between. Lami glass is typically used for commercial storefronts or in applications where extra security or strength is required.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Super Glass accepts any major credit card such as VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. We also accept cash, debit card and cheque. If you don't already have an account established with us, we prefer to get payment over the phone via credit card.

What type of hardware does your company use on frameless showers?

Super Glass exclusively uses C.R. Laurence hardware for all frameless shower installations. To see which hardware options are available to you, please visit their website at When inquiring about prices, please give us a call with the CRL part number, and we will be happy to assist!

Do you have WCB coverage and liability insurance?

Yes.  Super Glass is completely covered and in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia. We also have liability insurance. If you or your company is in need of a WCB clearance letter or a copy of our insurance policy, please feel free to ask us for a copy.

Do you offer Energy Star rebates/grants?

All information pertaining to grants and rebates should be investigated and confirmed directly through Energy Star. For more information click here.